Leopard 1

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Leopard 1
Leopard1 cfb borden 2.JPG
Leopard 1A3 (Canadian Leopard C1) at the Base Borden Military Museum
Type Main battle tank
Place of origin West Germany
Service history
Wars Bosnian War
War in Afghanistan
Weight 42.2 tonnes (increased on later models from original 40.0 tonnes)
Length 9.54/8.29 m (gun forward/rearward)
Width 3.37 m
Height 2.39/2.70 m (turret roof/absolute)
Crew 4 (commander, driver, gunner, radio operator/loader)

Armor steel 19-21.7mm and 10-70mm RHA
1 x 105mm Royal Ordnance L7A3 L/52 rifled gun

(13 rounds in turret 42 rounds in hull)

2 x 7.62 mm MG 3 or FN MAG (co-axial and commander's hatch) (5500 rounds)
Engine MTU MB 838 CaM 500, 10-cylinder, 37.4 litres, multi-fuel engine
830 PS (819 hp, 610 kW) at 2200 RPM
Power/weight 19.6 PS/tonne
Suspension Torsion-bar
600 km (on road), 450 km (cross-country)
Speed 65 km/h

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