Marder II

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Marder II
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This Marder II (Sd. Kfz. 131) was nicknamed "Kohlenklau" (Coal thief), after a propaganda caricature which was very popular in Germany from 1942 onward.
Type Tank destroyer
Place of origin Nazi Germany
Weight 10.8 tonnes (23,809 lb)
Length 6.36 m (Bad rounding hereScript error in)
Width 2.28 m (Bad rounding hereScript error in)
Height 2.2 m (Bad rounding hereScript error in)
Crew 3

Armor 5-35 mm (.19 -1.37 in)
1x 7.5 cm Pak 40
37 rounds
Engine Maybach HL 62 TRM
140 PS (138 hp, 103 kW)
Power/weight 12.96 PS/tonne
Suspension Leaf spring
190 km (118 mi)
Speed 40 km/h (25 mph)

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