T1 Cunningham

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T1 Cunningham
T1 Cunningham Light Tank.jpg
Type Light Tank
Place of origin  United States
Service history
In service prototype only
Used by United States of America
Production history
Designer James Cunningham
Designed 1925
Manufacturer James Cunningham, Son & Company (Rochester, NY)
Unit cost Unknown
Produced Prototype only 1926
Variants T1E1, T1E2, T1E3, T1E4, T1E5, T1E6 and others.
Weight 7.5 tonnes (Bad rounding hereScript error long tons;Bad rounding hereScript error short tons)

Armor .2 inches (Bad rounding hereScript error mm) to .275 inches (Bad rounding hereScript error mm)
Main: 37 mm Secondary: .30 cal
Engine Cunningham V8
105 hp (Bad rounding hereScript error kW)
Speed 20 miles per hour (Bad rounding hereScript error km/h)

The term T1 Cunningham refers either to the initial T1 tank design circa 1925, or the variants thereof. The T1 Cunningham was designed in 1925; and the prototype built in 1926 ("T1 Tank, Light, MG."). The weight of the T1 was 7.5 tons and it could manage 20mph using it's Cunningham V8 105hp engine ("T1 Tank, Light, MG."). The T1's main armament was a 37mm gun in a rear-mounted turret with a supporting coaxial 30cal machine gun; and the vehicles armour was approximately .2 to .275 inches in thickness ("T1 Tank, Light, MG.").

Prototype converted to a Cargo Carrier ("T1 Tank, Light, MG.").

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