T30 Heavy Tank

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T30 Heavy Tank.JPG
Type Heavy tank
Place of origin  United States
Service history
In service trials only
Used by United States of America
Production history
Designer Unknown
Designed Pilot models start it in April 1945
Manufacturer Unknown
Unit cost Unknown
Produced 1947
Variants T30E1, T30E2, and T58
Weight 142,600 lb (Bad rounding hereScript error t)
Length 429 in (Bad rounding hereScript error m) gun forward
Width 3.80 m (12ft 5in) (T30)
3.3 m (10ft 5in) (T58)
Height 3.20 m (10ft 5in)
Crew 6 (Commander, Gunner, Driver, Radio Operator, 2 x loader)

Armor Hull 4 inch maximum
Turret 11 inch maximum
155mm L/40 T7 rifled gun
(34 rounds)
155 mm L/40 T7E1 gun
155 mm L/40 T180 gun
(32 rounds)
2x M2 HB .50 cal (coaxial and cupola) and M1919A4 .30 cal (bow)
Engine Continental AV1790-3 air-cooled
704 hp (Bad rounding hereScript error kW) net at 2,800 rpm
Power/weight 10 hp/tonne
Suspension torsion-bar
approx 100 miles (160 km)
Speed 22 mph (Bad rounding hereScript error km/h) on roads

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