WPB Anders

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Polish WPB Anders.JPG
Anders during MSPO exhibition 2010
Type fighting vehicle
Place of origin  Poland
Production history
Designer OBRUM
Designed 2008-2011
Weight 35 t (Bad rounding hereScript error lb)
Length 6.9 m (Bad rounding hereScript error in)
Width 3.2 m (Bad rounding hereScript error ft)
Height 2.8 m (Bad rounding hereScript error in)
Crew 3 (Commander, gunner and driver)
Passengers 4 (Light Tank) or 8 (IFV)

120mm Ruag CTG cannon or
30 x 173 mm ATK Mk44 Bushmaster II gun
co-axial 7.62mm UKM-2000C
12.7mm WKM-B or 40mm GA-40 in remote controlled turret
Engine MTU diesel
720 hp (Bad rounding hereScript error kW)
Power/weight 22 hp/tonne
Suspension Torsion bar suspension
Speed 80 km/h (Bad rounding hereScript error mph)

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