Durchbruchswagen 2

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Durchbruchswagen 2
WoT Durchbruchswagen 2.png
The German Durchbruchswagen 2 as represented in the video game World of Tanks.
Place of origin
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Service history
In service Never produced
Production history
Designed 1937
Weight 33.0 tonnes (Bad rounding hereScript error short tons)

Engine Maybach HL 120
Speed 35 km/h

In January of 1937 Henschel and Sons was instructed by German military leadership to develop a heavy tank weighing 30 tons. This initial project was called Durchbruchwagen I; in parallel to this project was a project for a heavy tank weighing 33 tons called Durchbruchwagen II. Both tanks were powered by a Maybach HL 120 engine providing 35 km/h in speed. A partially complete prototype of the Durchbruchswagen 2 was made in 1938. The Durchbruchswagen 2 was intended to use the turret of a Panzer IV Ausf C.. Although the Durchbruchswagen 2 was canceled in late 1938, it would continue to be a subject of research and testing into 1941 providing valuable experience for other designs.

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