Lilliput Tank Project

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Lilliput Tank Project (LTP)
Type Light infantry tank, Tankette
Place of origin Soviet Union

1x 37mm gun

A project undertaken by the Zaslavskiy team examining the use of the T-16 chassis for a small vehicle mounting a 37mm gun. This project dubbed Lilliput was between the Tank Bureau and the engineers at the Bolshevik Factory in Leningrad (Zaloga and Grandsen 46). For variants were explored and labeled L-1, L-2, L-3, and L-4 (Zaloga and Grandsen 46).

  1. L-1 - never left drawing board
  2. L-2 - never left drawing board
  3. L-3 - became T-17 armed only with a single machine gun
  4. L-4 - became T-21 circa 1929, a 1 man vehicle, an later the T-23 a two man version

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