Type 95 Ha-Gō Light Tank

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Type 95 Ha-Gō
Japanese type 95 1.jpg
Type 95 Ha-Gō on display at the United States Army Ordnance Museum.
Type Light tank
Place of origin  Empire of Japan
Service history
Used by  Empire of Japan

 People's Republic of China
 South Korea

Wars Second World War
Chinese Civil War
First Indochina War
Korean War
Production history
Designed 1933–1934
Produced 1936
Number built 2,300
Weight 7.4 t (Bad rounding hereScript error long tons;Bad rounding hereScript error short tons)
Length 4.38 m (Bad rounding hereScript error in)
Width 2.06 m (Bad rounding hereScript error in)
Height 2.18 m (Bad rounding hereScript error in)
Crew 3

Type 98 37 mm gun
2 × 7.7 mm Type 97 machine gun
Engine Mitsubishi A6120VD air-cooled 14.4 L diesel
120 hp (90 kW) at 1800 rpm
Suspension Bell crank
250 kilometers
Speed 45 km/h (Bad rounding hereScript error mph) on road